Senior Firmware/FPGA Engineer

Esperto Medical is a medical technology startup dedicated to delivering the future of healthcare and expanding access by creating revolutionary non-invasive diagnostic technologies. We're backed by a strong set of investors who are looking to fundamentally improve clinical data and healthcare. Our first product is a novel blood pressure measurement device which builds on patented technologies developed in-house. We bring together exceptional professionals from a wide range of industries, including alumni from SpaceX, NASA, Illumina, Caltech, and other all-star places.

We are looking to add a senior firmware engineer to lead our embedded firmware development and architect solutions for a challenging miniaturization & performance regime.


As a firmware expert, you will own the system firmware from the very bottom of the stack (e.g. data acquisition drivers & FPGA acceleration), to the middle (e.g. analyzing and improving algorithm performance), to the top (e.g. exporting data to a UI). In this capacity, you will be responsible for working with the technical team to deliver, refine, and test innovative design solutions at both the prototype and product stages.

As a software expert, you will be responsible for setting the pace and style of our software development process. You will play a key role in architecting our processing pipelines, as well as compartmentalizing and testing firmware and device software to production standards.


  • 5+ yrs industry experience with embedded software development
  • Taken a firmware project from whiteboard to field deployment
  • Familiarity with embedded Linux and FPGAs
  • Strong desire to learn and try new things in a collaborative, cross-functional environment
    • We don’t mean this in jest. If there’s a new tech stack that will do a job better, we’re happy to adopt it.

Ideal traits

  • Proficient in Verilog and FPGA proofs of correctness
  • Proficient in Rust, Python, or C++
  • Experience with machine learning
  • Experience with software development in a regulated industry (including data security, HIPAA compliance, etc.)
  • Familiarity with large system programming paradigms (functional programming, type systems, garbage collection, etc…)


  • Southern California (Greater Los Angeles area)
  • Office 50%, Work from home 50%


For more information or to apply, please contact Raymond Jimenez: raymond.jimenez@esperto.health